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Festivals (FI) Turku – 18.11.10 bis 21.11.10

Turku International Puppetry Festival

The TIP-Fest puppetry festival is a joint effort by the puppetry professionals operating in Turku, supplemented by international guests. The festival programme consists of performances for both children and adults, various workshops and of a puppet exhibition that extends throughout the city. The warm and welcoming event is a bright spot during gloomy November that brings together people of all ages.


The festival features nearly 30 performances. The festival spirit is kept high by groups such as HOX Company, Kuuma Ankanpoikanen, Marionette Theatre Mundo, Puppet Theatre Piironginlaatikko, Rahtiteatteri, Six Fingers Theatre, Wolf Sign Theatre, Taiga-Matto and the TIP-Connection ry association. In addition to local performances, the festival will host colourful performances by three international guests: puppet theatre group Svarta Katten from Sweden, puppet artistAndrás Lénárt from Hungary and the Finnish-French-German Ensemble Quoiwasmitä. Special festival guests include Ransu Karvakuono as well as Tatu and Patu.


The main organiser for the event is the TIP-Connection ry association, in cooperation with several Turku-based groups.


18th – 21st November 2010, several venues

Autumn 2011