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Festivals (PL) Lodz – 14.04.07 bis 19.04.07

Solo Puppeteers


Every two years Puppet Theatre "Arlekin" organizes International Festival of Solo Puppeteers. It is one of the few events of this kind in the world, and the only one in Poland where individual puppeteers can meet.

The Festival comprises of two parts. The first one is a contest of about 20 artists chosen on the basis of applications. The second part is a master show of the recognized and established artists of the art of puppetry. Among presented performances one can find play for children, youth and adult audience. The festival is accompanied by outdoor shows performed by renown artist of this genre.

So far "Arlekin" has held three editions of the festival in 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005. The audience had a chance to see performances by artists from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Hungary and Poland.

Unique experiences were brought to audience by mastershows by Hoichi Okamoto from Japan, Stephen Mottram from England, Albrecht Roser from Germany, David Syrotiak from USA, Michael Vogel from Germany and Salvatore Gatto from Italy, Frank Soehnle, Kristiane Balsevicius from Germany and Yeung Fai from China. Apart from this the festival audience and inhabitants of the city of ��d� were able to see outdoor performances by Theatre Macaras from Hungary, Teatr Ognia i Papieru from Poland and Teatr Pinezka from Poland, which were presented in the main street of the city.

The 5th International Festival of Solo Puppeteers will be held between 14-19 .04. 2007.

Jury which consists of tree persons, only the puppeteers with unquestionable achievements will award the statue of Grand Prix and USD 1500,- for the best performance and two distinction of total value USD 1500,- for different artists. All interested in the festival should submit their applications till 31 October 2006 to the address of the Festival Office. The presented performance should be a solo creation of puppetry art and ought to last approximately 45-120 minutes. The show must be played by oneself. Organisers admit and consider the possibility of the extra persons in the presented performance, as technical or musical assistant, maximum 2 persons. All participants need to arrange their travel to Poland and also the transport of their equipment and have to cover the costs of it. Puppeteers who will take part in the competition are obliged to attend at final gala performance of the festival.

Organisers will guarantee full accommodation to the participants and to their assistants who were mentioned in the application form, during the hole festival. The Puppet Theatre Arlekin will pay a fee for a presented performance which will be calculated as the equivalence of USD 500,- according to the rate of exchange of the National Polish Bank binding on the day of the payment of the honorary. The income tax will be deducted from fee according to Polish tax low.




Solo Puppeteers


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